Jerry Mullins 

I heard John’s interview on “Art of the Song” on NPR. Greatly enjoyed the interview. I made a point of looking up this website as soon as I got home.

Jayden Ashcraft 

I absolutely love this album. I first heard John Batdorf while watching the Best Two Years and Michael McLean has always been someone I have listened to ever since I was a child. I loved the Best Two Years Soundtrack so much that I decided to find who the artists were and I come to find this awesome album that is helping me out right now. Thank You Michael and John!!!

Gary Randall 

It never ceases to amaze me how my pathway through life leads to some really awesome places. I am looking forward to seeing you in Fort Worth in Oct. Only have the “Life Is You” LP but am going to order 2RECOVERY. Thanks for being on the planet and making it a better place.

Henry Antolak 

Thanks for coming here John. I’ll check out that site.

I know someone bought a cd that night and is planning on passing it on to a family member.

You or I may never know the result, but because of your music someone is trying… To make a difference.

Perhaps their ‘loved one’ will recover and pass it on. You’ve turn your life into a blessing for many.

How cool is that……

I have only met you twice and then for only hours but I’ll know you for always….

Bruce Hackett 

I have been a big fan of John Batdorf since that first B&R album came out in 1971. I finally saw him in concert in Kent, OH, in September 2007, and at a house party in suburban Cleveland the next day. I was even fortunate enough to be the “warm-up act” at the house party! Since that day, we have become email friends of sorts, and I have continued to buy his solo CDs and those he has made with others, and I have seen him perform in Georgia and in California. Most recently, I saw him at a small venue in Los Angeles, where he was promoting his extraordinary new CD, “Soundtrax 2 Recovery.” Coincidentally, I had just emerged from a 30-day residential rehabilitation treatment for alcohol addiction, and I felt as if he were singing these songs directly to me. The timing was truly uncanny. I bought the CD there that night and have played it almost daily ever since. Michael McLean’s lyrics touch me deeply — “Forgiveness” in particular is simply magnificent — and I enthusiastically share these songs with others in recovery. Thank you, thank, you, John & Michael, for giving us these heartfelt songs. They inspire me, they comfort me, and they help me on my ongoing journey. Be well. See you next time.

Steve Nielsen 

My wife and I were at the live performance in Grantsville, UT and I have listened to the CD several times and get a deeper feeling that this music was truly inspired. Thank you so much for putting it together. I hope others who are struggling with addiction and their loved ones will find this music and share it.

Neil OBrien 

I am so happy to find this. I am also overwhelmed by the people who I have met in recovery.

Jerry Holder 

Soundtrax 2 Recovery is such an incredible gift that John and Michael are sharing. Sharing their inspiration out of selflessness, love and compassion. Not only for those who are on the edge of or in recovery, but for those who love them. There is hope for both in the music and words. I am truly honored to know you both….

John M. Cook 

John Batdorf and Michael McLean are great singers, songwriters and musicians… and even better human beings. In a world where it is increasingly difficult for independent artists to earn a living from their work… these guys were willing to forgo an attempt at a “hit” album or even one that charted in a significant way. What they did was pour their heart and soul into a project that understands that those dealing with an affliction or addiction had a soundtrack to that end and Soundtrax2Recovery is an attempt to provide just that… Inspirational, hopeful music as a soundtrack culminating induces full lasting recovery. This is a project that deserves all of our support. And it is a project of damn fine songs.

Dave Chambers 

The story is very inspiring. The music is outstanding and genuine. Hopefully this website, CD and concert series will get the traction deserved for the ever growing audience in need and is written for in America; and worldwide. God’s Will and Fate is experienced here. Thank you gentlemen.

Kathy S. call 

Love your website, and so glad that you two joined forces to write this music from your hearts to share with all who may be recovering from their own personal challenges, and for their families. Just love the pictures of your son John, and as Michael said, with good friends, you come to love each other’s children and families and care just as deeply about them as your own. Thank you both for all you have done, for the inspiration you have received to help so many……my family included. Our heartfelt thanks!

Paul Loss 

Lookin’ good!

Ben Avery 

Great stuff! Glad to see the site finally up and running!

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